A Changed Travel Landscape: COVID-19 has transformed international travel. As we survey the international travel landscape, Newland Chase strongly believes that there will be no “return to normal” for a long time, particularly with required travel documents. The coming months will be characterized by complexity, even for what used to be the simplest of international trips. […]

China may reopen its borders to select foreign nationals from 36 European countries. The PRC Embassy in Denmark announced that foreign nationals who hold valid residence permits (including work permits and permit for family reunion and personal matters) in the following 36 European countries may now apply for Chinese visas. Accede a la noticia completa […]

In times of relative normality, one of the foremost challenges for global mobility professionals is ensuring that their expats are paid both fairly and cost-effectively. Spending too much or too little on expat remuneration can prevent the success of assignments and place global mobility programmes under significant pressure. In light of the Covid-19 pandemic and […]

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